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Cavity Wall Claim

Cavity Wall Claim

Cavity wall claim – For the vast majority, our homes are our biggest asset. Something many have saved up for and worked hard to buy or rent and on which we continue to spend large chunks of our savings and earnings to improve and upkeep.

Your home provides a sanctuary, a safe place for you and your loved ones, a place where you can relax, a place of love and comfort. It’s the one place where memories are made to last a lifetime.

Your home provides financial security and many of us hope to pass this onto the next generation.  

As a result of Government Legislation millions of homeowners across the country and throughout the UK took up the offer of Cavity Wall Insulation in a bid to make their homes more energy efficient.

Unfortunately, it has become apparent that many who have had Cavity Wall Insulation installed in their homes are now finding that their homes have been damaged due to damp, condensation and mould and that potentially thousands of pounds have been wiped off the value of their homes due to installations that either have been done incorrectly (i.e. not in accordance with agreed Guidelines) or that their property was never suitable in the first instance.

If you have had cavity wall insulation installed which is now causing problems, get in touch with our expert team to find out if we can help you make a cavity wall claim for compensation in order to put right any damage caused to your property and to recover any shortfall in Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) savings. Cromptons Solicitors, helping you make your house a home again.

Most, if not all of our cavity wall claims are funded through a Conditional Fee Agreement also known more commonly as a No Win No Fee agreement. This means we’ll only take payment once we are successful in getting you your compensation. There is little or no financial risk to you if your claim is unsuccessful*

You can start a cavity wall claim online or by calling our dedicated team on 01204 589009.